History of Nursing

Very few people in history ever get recognized or commended for service to the human race. Usually the people who head up projects or events are the ones who get recognition. When a doctor heals a patient of a difficult illness they usually get the spotlight. People who are considered a rn to bsn provide service and success to team leads. Support during projects or patient healing is a vital factor in recovery and success of the task. Within the medical field support comes to doctors from nurses who care and look after the patient around the clock and report any changes that may have occurred while the doctor was away. Throughout human history, nurses have played an important role in the care and comfort of people needing help. The art of nursing has been passed down through history to the select few who would endeavor to care for people. In recent history programs have been developed to train anyone who feels called into the nursing field.

Nurse Training & Education 

Today, the training for nurses has reached a level that has never been seen in the history of the human race. Thousands of people have pursued training and licensure to the betterment of their career and the level of care they can provide to people who need help. There are currently around 3,000 nursing programs some of the most popular are listed below:

Nursing Programs

Nurse Practitioner Programs - an advanced masters in nursing degree with many specializations such as family nurse practitioner, clinical nurse practitioner and adult nurse practitioner.

RN to BSN - this degree was designed specifically to help registered nurses who want to complete their bachelors in nursing degree.

Masters in Nursing - there are many types of masters in nursing degrees, and many specialties, for example a nurse practitioner program is a masters in nursing program, they also have more general masters in nursing programs like nursing administration, and nursing educator.

RN to MSN - the RN to MSN degree is relatively new and ground breaking.  It has combined the curriculum from the rn to bsn with a masters in nursing to enable RN’s to obtain their masters in the same time as they would a bsn.

Masters in Health Administration - many nurses who want to move into management select a mha program over a masters in nursing because of its focus on the business aspects of healthcare.

Masters in Public Health - some nurses select this degree program because they want to diversify their knowledge or even switch careers but remain in healthcare.

Healthcare MBA – similar to the masters in health administration, nurses sometimes select this degree because they wish to focus more on management and business than patient care.


Nursing Schools

Each one is fully committed to the success and high level of training that it takes to be a nurse in today’s world. Nurses today have the choice to pick through a variety of programs that are designed just for them. People can choose from a RN to BSN degree and rest assured to have only the finest training that can be offered in the United States.

How Training of Nurses has Developed in Recent History

The nursing profession began to get organized into a career field in the 19th century. A lady by the name of Florence Nightingale was a key person into the formation of the nursing field of study. Florence Nightingale grew up in a wealth British family. She poured her life into making conditions better in hospitals. It was during the Crimean War that first efforts of improvement were first seen.

When the United States fell into Civil War, her ideas of hospital improvements were taken into account for those who were wounded. Later that century in 1873, the first nursing school was founded in Boston for the sole purpose of training nurses to care for people who needed it. New York became the first state, in 1938, to require nurses to be licensed and trained before they could care for sick people.

After the law was passed in 1938 the nursing program began to take a more organized shape. The standard set for nurses began to change and adapt to the changing times in which it was found. The standard for nurses has only been improving since Florence Nightingale first started her work. Every state has started requiring licensing for nurses. Nursing schools have started to show up all over the nation offering only the finest in nursing education.

Career Advancement for Nurses

Every nurse that has been trained has considered advancement at one time or another in their career. Some have desired to run nursing programs at hospitals in an attempt to train and help nursing just getting started. Some have wanted to teach in colleges and institutions to help spread what they have learned in the nursing field. What better way to further your career than by pursuing an advanced nursing degree. Getting an advanced degree in the United States has never been easier. There are so many institutions to choose from and success is almost guaranteed. For more information see nursing careers.

Continuing Education for Nurses

For nurses who enjoy just helping people feel better and recover faster they still have the responsibility of continuing education. Most states require all licensed people to keep up on the latest information so they can offer only the best services to the public. Nurses who specialize in a particular area of the medical field will find it helpful to find classes that are geared for their study. Usually nurses have to complete a set number of hours that is set by the state in order to keep their nursing license current and in force.

Additional Nursing History Resources 

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