Criminal Justice Schools – A Brief Overview of Opportunities

Generalizations are not always the best choice, and for the purpose of understanding how people might fit into the criminal justice system once they have decided which of the criminal justice schools they want to focus on, there are two basic types of person. One type loves justice and longs to see the criminally guilty pay the price for their offense. The other type has sympathy, maybe even empathy for criminals, and wants to make sure that everyone receives fair treatment. Some people are highly justice oriented. Others are highly mercy oriented. Neither personality type is better than the other and both serve a meaningful role in the justice system.

People who long to see criminals justly handled could look forward to the job of a Fraud Investigator hunting down people who have committed identity theft or run Ponzi scams. They may also enjoy work as a paralegal helping lawyers to mount a case against convicts. The lucky few with bachelors in criminal justice from a school like PSU  in the field may even land a job as an FBI or DEA agent (in most cases continuing education is the only in for these more “glamorous” jobs).

High sympathy individuals may prefer a career as a Probation Officer, checking in with clients who are working to rehabilitate. Other jobs in the nonprofit sector also provide services to help prevent crime before it happens. The work of a criminologist is perfect for empathetically leaning people as they will enjoy investigating criminal profiles and helping to design programs to deter criminal behavior in people who display prone patterns to civil disruption.

Continuing education may become the mission of either personality type as a master’s degree and even doctorate in criminal justice opens many windows into advanced and specialized career fields. However, many of the most meaningful and fulfilling careers for these professionals can be found with a four-year degree. Since Online Criminal Justice Degrees are among the most rapidly growing fields and offers great career stability, no matter who the person is, he or she can look forward to a long rewarding career with advancement potential and many opportunities for lasting education and a prospective student in criminal justice may also consider a masters in public administration.

 Where Criminal Justice Is Heading

The most popular and hotly debated topics common to Criminal Justice have to do with family dynamics and the environment that creates and fosters criminal behavior. Since the early 1980s social scientists have studied the impacts of family dynamics and how parental relationships impact children. Many common findings are accepted nearly throughout the field, and the most recent studies display striking findings. Intact families (absent of divorce where both natural parents are present) may present the most at-risk criminals.

While broken families are more prone to raise children who engage in criminal behavior, and single parent homes are many times more likely to result in delinquent behaviors for their children, new research shows that the most gratuitous criminal behaviors generally comes from intact families. Social scientists had difficulty with the data, and the research goes against much of what has been thought in the study of criminology for decades, but it gives criminologists new leads for discovering what kind of family environment might lead to such surprising statistics.

Anyone who would be excited to conduct the sort of research about what is criminology that would reveal these findings will find himself or herself fitting perfectly in the academic and professional spheres of the criminology. New research has opened professional debates about prison treatment of inmates as well as what role legal treatment plays in repeat offenders choices. The field is rapidly growing and changing.

Why a Criminal Justice Online Degree

Commuter students and people who have been away from school for a significant period of time may find it difficult to work a full-time school schedule into their busy lives. For this reason, Criminal Justice degrees online are especially appealing. More now than ever, the level of education offered by an online degree is good enough to prepare students for a career after school. Hours are flexible and class sizes allow most online professors to have higher levels of interaction with their students.

An online Criminal Justice degree will not take as long as most people expect either. Whether through transfer credits or for first time college students, a bachelor’s can be earned in as little as thirty months. Of course, on a busy schedule degrees can also be drawn out to accommodate other life obligations. Simply stated, it has never been easier to get a degree and start working the career that most people have always wanted. Criminal Justice degrees provide students with the knowledge they need to be involved in a field of work that matters to them.


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