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Criminal Justice Schools – A Brief Overview of Opportunities

Generalizations are not always the best choice, and for the purpose of understanding how people might fit into the criminal justice system once they have decided which of the criminal justice schools they want to focus on, there are two basic types of person. One type loves justice and longs to see the criminally guilty pay the price for their offense. The other type has sympathy, maybe even empathy for criminals, and wants to make sure that everyone receives fair treatment. Some people are highly justice oriented. Others are highly mercy oriented. Neither personality type is better than the other and both serve a meaningful role in the justice system.

People who long to see criminals justly handled could look forward to the job of a Fraud Investigator hunting down people who have committed identity theft or run Ponzi scams. They may also enjoy work as a paralegal helping lawyers to mount a case against convicts. The lucky few with bachelors in criminal justice from a school like PSU  in the field may even land a job as an FBI or DEA agent (in most cases continuing education is the only in for these more “glamorous” jobs).

High sympathy individuals may prefer a career as a Probation Officer, checking in with clients who are working to rehabilitate. Other jobs in the nonprofit sector also provide services to help prevent crime before it happens. The work of a criminologist is perfect for empathetically leaning people as they will enjoy investigating criminal profiles and helping to design programs to deter criminal behavior in people who display prone patterns to civil disruption.

Continuing education may become the mission of either personality type as a master’s degree and even doctorate in criminal justice opens many windows into advanced and specialized career fields. However, many of the most meaningful and fulfilling careers for these professionals can be found with a four-year degree. Since Online Criminal Justice Degrees are among the most rapidly growing fields and offers great career stability, no matter who the person is, he or she can look forward to a long rewarding career with advancement potential and many opportunities for lasting education and a prospective student in criminal justice may also consider a masters in public administration.

 Where Criminal Justice Is Heading

The most popular and hotly debated topics common to Criminal Justice have to do with family dynamics and the environment that creates and fosters criminal behavior. Since the early 1980s social scientists have studied the impacts of family dynamics and how parental relationships impact children. Many common findings are accepted nearly throughout the field, and the most recent studies display striking findings. Intact families (absent of divorce where both natural parents are present) may present the most at-risk criminals.

While broken families are more prone to raise children who engage in criminal behavior, and single parent homes are many times more likely to result in delinquent behaviors for their children, new research shows that the most gratuitous criminal behaviors generally comes from intact families. Social scientists had difficulty with the data, and the research goes against much of what has been thought in the study of criminology for decades, but it gives criminologists new leads for discovering what kind of family environment might lead to such surprising statistics.

Anyone who would be excited to conduct the sort of research about what is criminology that would reveal these findings will find himself or herself fitting perfectly in the academic and professional spheres of the criminology. New research has opened professional debates about prison treatment of inmates as well as what role legal treatment plays in repeat offenders choices. The field is rapidly growing and changing.

Why a Criminal Justice Online Degree

Commuter students and people who have been away from school for a significant period of time may find it difficult to work a full-time school schedule into their busy lives. For this reason, Criminal Justice degrees online are especially appealing. More now than ever, the level of education offered by an online degree is good enough to prepare students for a career after school. Hours are flexible and class sizes allow most online professors to have higher levels of interaction with their students.

An online Criminal Justice degree will not take as long as most people expect either. Whether through transfer credits or for first time college students, a bachelor’s can be earned in as little as thirty months. Of course, on a busy schedule degrees can also be drawn out to accommodate other life obligations. Simply stated, it has never been easier to get a degree and start working the career that most people have always wanted. Criminal Justice degrees provide students with the knowledge they need to be involved in a field of work that matters to them.


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Nursing offers a student in school an opportunity to seek employment while they are in their course of study. This makes obtaining a RN to MSN easier while gaining experience in addition to the degree that is being completed. Students will enter the RN to MSN studies at different places in their studies and this will be a major factor when they can pick a completion date. This makes the RN to MSN program unique when compared to a RN to BSN, a masters in nursing,  or an alternative degree such as a masters in health administration, in the many paths to earn the certification that is acceptable though many of the schools who offer these degrees.

If one pursues a online RN to MSN program, the individual may be able to complete in less time than a typical four year degree. Working part time, or full time will be a factor when a student can be completed with the program and how many hours of study are taken. This is one of the nice things about RN to MSN online programs. Take the courses at your own pace from a school that is recognized as a leader in the field of nursing by conveniently using the online course of study to gain the degree.

Some schools may require on campus work to be completed, and this can be a factor when a student can be completed. If this is the case, it will not necessarily slow down the effort to complete the program quickly. In fact, the truth is just the opposite when students are allowed to take some of the work away from the traditional classroom to get ahead by learning online and another alternative degree to consider if you want to get out of nursing but like interacting with others is the masters in education.

RN to MSN programs are in abundance from highly qualified institutions with their own policies. Some institutions do not offer the online studies to all students. There are several who do. Many RN to MSN programs can be completed in thirty-six months. Of course this is assuming that a student can keep up with the requirements during the studies. RN to MSN schools offer a complete turnkey package to completing a degree on the fast track. By the time one completes a program, they have completed advanced studies in as little as three years. However, the advantage of the program will be in the fact that students can complete at their own pace within the time frame each school allows. If they have part time students, they will offer generous deadlines to meet the students schedule. Course work completed online can save time commuting. During the normal drive time to school, a student can be studying from their own desk, or study area. How long will it take to complete a RN to MSN program? The answer depends upon how much dedication you can give to the education in order to complete it as fast as students who finish in as little as 36 months.

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If you are planning the steps you need to take to pursue a career in finance, you will quickly discover that several different paths can lead you to the same destination. If you are seeking a career in business and finance, you will need to decide whether you want to pursue a Finance Online MBA or a Masters in Finance Online. While the two may sound very alike, there are certainly differences you should consider before you dedicate a large portion of your life working for a degree. Studies show that more than 100,000 people a year graduate with an MBA Finance degree. While this is definitely an accomplishment, you should consider your future career goals and reasons you should select one degree over the other before you write your plan in permanent ink.

 How Can Two Paths Lead You to the Same Destination?

Before you start to dissect how a Finance MBA and a Master’s in Finance differ, you should understand that each track could lead you to the same future career. The difference between each program is what you experience along the way. A traditional MBA Online  course will expose you to a wide range of different disciplines in management. This path gives you the tools you need to think how a manager would think in the finance sector. A Master’s of finance will focus on a different discipline by teaching you very rigorous finance and economics disciplines. The key to choosing which degree is best is considering your learning style and your interests. If you love the political sciences aspects of finance, you may want to pursue a masters of finance. If you are more geared to development a management way of thinking, then a Executive MBA may be for you.

 Consider the Type of Career You Are Pursuing

Some individuals know exactly what they want to be when they pursue a degree in finance. Others know they love to deal with money and economics. Another factor you will need to consider when you are deciding which degree is best for you is what you plans to use your degree for. If you want to be a professional economist, you will undoubtedly need to pursue a Master’s in Finance and Economics. With this being said, the Master’s in Finance will actually role over to cover you in practically any finance or investment management position you desire. Either way make sure your Masters Degree Program is accredited – therefore, you’ll want a Accredited Masters in Finance and a Accredited Online MBA.   A Finance MBA is a bit different. It will get you management and business positions, however, it does not carry the course load necessary to qualify you for an economist or risk assessment position. This is a factor you should strongly consider if you know what career you are pursuing.

 What Are Your Goals and Your Objectives in Life?

Many people overlook this basic factor. More than 30 percent of college students today are adults in the workforce. With more and more people pursuing a higher learning degree later on in life, considering your objectives and the time frame you want to achieve your goals is very important. Choosing a degree can certainly be a matter of timing. Depending on where you are at in life, you may have ambitions with shorter or longer-term objectives. You will need to assess the big picture to consider which degree is more relevant for your life. Studies show than younger students generally enroll in Masters in Finance programs and return to get their finance MBA to progress through their career. While this is a generalization, you will need to consider which degree will benefit you both short-term and long-term and typically speaking the higher ranked the program the increased possibilities of a better career, consider one of the best online mba.

The Time and Cost Factor

You should also understand the difference in time and cost between each degree. A Masters in Finance takes about 1 year to complete. In comparison, the finance MBA takes approximately 2 years to complete. These time frames will differ depending on whether you attend school full-time or part-time. The reason some online MBA programs take longer is because there is a focus on both finance and leadership. While it will cost more to earn an MBA, it will increase your lifetime earning potential in the finance sector.

The Final Conclusion- Which is Better?

So you may be wondering, what degree is better, the Masters of Finance or the Online MBA in Finance? Honestly, there is no one right answer to this question. The answer depends on where you stand in life, what career you are pursuing, how long you want to be in school, and how much money you want to invest in school. While most professors recommend getting both, you will need to decide which degree to get first before you can think about the next program.


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California’s Landmark Decision

On May 23, 2011, the Supreme Court ordered California state prisons to reduce their inmate population by as much as 46,000 inmates. The reduction was ordered as “required by the Constitution” because of the dangers overcrowding can pose to inmates’ rights. Prison overcrowding is the result of a lack of professionals with criminal justice degrees and ineffective alternative treatment programs. If you recognize gaps in the criminal justice system, consider the benefits of pursuing a online criminal justice degree. When you enter the field of criminal justice, you can recognize the flaws in the system to make a difference in state and federal institutions.

Prison Overcrowding

The massive increase of prison populations throughout the nation started in the 1970′s as baby boomers began to age and prison was seen as the only practical means of punishment. Currently, there are over 143,000 prisoners in California’s 33 state prisons, well over the amount that the prisons were designed to hold. While California prisons were ordered to release or were ordered to transfer more than 33,000 prisoners, the population in the system is still expected to exceed the desired population by as much as 35,000 inmates.

Supreme Court vs Law Enforcement

This court order has sparked a controversial debate over the discretion of Supreme Court judges and if they have jurisdiction over California prison conditions. The thought of released more than 40,000 convicted felons is not sitting well with law enforcement or residents in the state of California. The remedy ordered by the Supreme Court is believed to prevent prisoners from dying and will also provide safer working conditions for correctional officers in overcrowded prisons. Some are saying the remedy is a great solution for a limited amount of people and a disaster for a large majority.

Why is there Overcrowding?

One of the main reasons why prisons are overcrowded is because there are not enough criminal justice professionals to handle increasing case loads properly. Prison may not be the right sentence for all offenders in the system. If you recognize the fact that sentencing a first-time offender to jail should only be considered for violent offenders posing a threat to society you should take a proactive step to make a difference in the system by studying for criminal justice degrees online.

The System Needs to Change

If changes are not made in the system prison overcrowding will remain a serious problem. The criminal justice system is lacking the knowledgeable professionals it needed to control crime. If you believe in analyzing crime and alternative sentencing methods you could become a refreshing breath of air that can breathe life into an outdated and ineffective court system.

The Supreme Court’s landmark decision on California state prisons is just the tip of the iceberg. It is expected for a similar ruling to be ordered in 18 other states within the next 12 months. To solve this ongoing problem, both state and federal agencies will need to work together to establish new prison litigation reform acts. Criminal justice degree holders can specialize in inmates’ rights, public safety, immigration, corrections, probation, defense, prosecution, legal assistance, and more. Career options in criminal justice are continually growing. Decide which career interests you the most and pursue a career path where you can make a difference.

 Education is the Answer

If you want to advance your earning potential in life and make a difference in the world you can work and study for an online criminal justice degree during your off time. There are varieties of different degrees and certificates that can be earned from the comforts of your own home. If you have always had a passion for the field of criminal justice there is no better way to learn in-depth knowledge on criminal behavior, law enforcement, sociology, psychology, and other related disciplines. When you enroll in a comprehensive online study program, you can earn criminal justice degrees and start a new career in the field you love.

To earn an online criminal justice degree you will have to complete a heavy course load including courses on theories of crime, crime control strategies, criminal law and reasoning, punishment and corrections, and alternative sentencing options. When you go to school to earn your Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice you will become a forward-thinking leader who will serve as an asset to any agency in the criminal justice system. The criminal justice system always has a need for fresh team members who truly have a passion for solving social problems in the United States. If you fall into this category earn your criminal justice degrees online and complete a program in your free time.

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History of Nursing

Very few people in history ever get recognized or commended for service to the human race. Usually the people who head up projects or events are the ones who get recognition. When a doctor heals a patient of a difficult illness they usually get the spotlight. People who are considered a rn to bsn provide service and success to team leads. Support during projects or patient healing is a vital factor in recovery and success of the task. Within the medical field support comes to doctors from nurses who care and look after the patient around the clock and report any changes that may have occurred while the doctor was away. Throughout human history, nurses have played an important role in the care and comfort of people needing help. The art of nursing has been passed down through history to the select few who would endeavor to care for people. In recent history programs have been developed to train anyone who feels called into the nursing field.

Nurse Training & Education 

Today, the training for nurses has reached a level that has never been seen in the history of the human race. Thousands of people have pursued training and licensure to the betterment of their career and the level of care they can provide to people who need help. There are currently around 3,000 nursing programs some of the most popular are listed below:

Nursing Programs

Nurse Practitioner Programs - an advanced masters in nursing degree with many specializations such as family nurse practitioner, clinical nurse practitioner and adult nurse practitioner.

RN to BSN - this degree was designed specifically to help registered nurses who want to complete their bachelors in nursing degree.

Masters in Nursing - there are many types of masters in nursing degrees, and many specialties, for example a nurse practitioner program is a masters in nursing program, they also have more general masters in nursing programs like nursing administration, and nursing educator.

RN to MSN - the RN to MSN degree is relatively new and ground breaking.  It has combined the curriculum from the rn to bsn with a masters in nursing to enable RN’s to obtain their masters in the same time as they would a bsn.

Masters in Health Administration - many nurses who want to move into management select a mha program over a masters in nursing because of its focus on the business aspects of healthcare.

Masters in Public Health - some nurses select this degree program because they want to diversify their knowledge or even switch careers but remain in healthcare.

Healthcare MBA – similar to the masters in health administration, nurses sometimes select this degree because they wish to focus more on management and business than patient care.


Nursing Schools

Each one is fully committed to the success and high level of training that it takes to be a nurse in today’s world. Nurses today have the choice to pick through a variety of programs that are designed just for them. People can choose from a RN to BSN degree and rest assured to have only the finest training that can be offered in the United States.

How Training of Nurses has Developed in Recent History

The nursing profession began to get organized into a career field in the 19th century. A lady by the name of Florence Nightingale was a key person into the formation of the nursing field of study. Florence Nightingale grew up in a wealth British family. She poured her life into making conditions better in hospitals. It was during the Crimean War that first efforts of improvement were first seen.

When the United States fell into Civil War, her ideas of hospital improvements were taken into account for those who were wounded. Later that century in 1873, the first nursing school was founded in Boston for the sole purpose of training nurses to care for people who needed it. New York became the first state, in 1938, to require nurses to be licensed and trained before they could care for sick people.

After the law was passed in 1938 the nursing program began to take a more organized shape. The standard set for nurses began to change and adapt to the changing times in which it was found. The standard for nurses has only been improving since Florence Nightingale first started her work. Every state has started requiring licensing for nurses. Nursing schools have started to show up all over the nation offering only the finest in nursing education.

Career Advancement for Nurses

Every nurse that has been trained has considered advancement at one time or another in their career. Some have desired to run nursing programs at hospitals in an attempt to train and help nursing just getting started. Some have wanted to teach in colleges and institutions to help spread what they have learned in the nursing field. What better way to further your career than by pursuing an advanced nursing degree. Getting an advanced degree in the United States has never been easier. There are so many institutions to choose from and success is almost guaranteed. For more information see nursing careers.

Continuing Education for Nurses

For nurses who enjoy just helping people feel better and recover faster they still have the responsibility of continuing education. Most states require all licensed people to keep up on the latest information so they can offer only the best services to the public. Nurses who specialize in a particular area of the medical field will find it helpful to find classes that are geared for their study. Usually nurses have to complete a set number of hours that is set by the state in order to keep their nursing license current and in force.

Additional Nursing History Resources 

Medical Dictionary for Nurses – Here nurses can find only the best medical information and term definition to better their understanding of certain terms used by people in the medical field.

Continuing Education Classes - Find any course you need for the advancement of your education and credit needed to keep your nursing license. Find courses that are specific to your area of study and desire.

Nursing Community - Here nurses can find an outlet for things that they wish to talk about or learn more about from others who work within the nursing field. Thousands of people to interact with and talk with about nursing subjects.